Luxury Gemstone Serums & Oils

Luxury Gemstone Serums & Oils

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Choose your favorite planet energy™ inspired treatment serum or active oil, infused with gemstones and energetically charged.

Choose between our mystical forest inspired 'Enchanted' serum which uses the intelligent power of mushrooms and mycelia for extraordinary collagen production boosts, or our Rainforest inspired powerhouse anti-aging, retinol alternative serum with the most abundant amounts of naturally sourced Vitamin A and C in the world.

'Sacred Geo' is our rich, thick medicinal oil for blemish-prone sensitive skin.

'Secrets of the Desert' is a luxurious oil packed with 5 different BHAs & AHAs acids found in the desert for total resurfacing and glow restoration without irritation.

'Matriarch' is our most elegant, luxury oil celebrating the Divine Feminine, using Rosehip to reduce scars & sun damage, pomegranate for deeper nourishment for mature skin, kiwi for brightening, prickly pear for decadent luxury, enhanced with lifting & contouring ingredients.

Plus so much more ...


Compare HiViBe Anti-Aging Serums & Oils

Compare HiViBe Anti-Aging Serums & Oils
Glamour & Glow Luxury Oil Clarify & Strengthen Medicinal Oil 'Years in the Sun' Damage Reverse Serum Rainforest Retinol Alternative Serum Collagen Serum Made with Mushrooms and Amethyst Fine Lines, Elastin, Lift Luxury Oil
Key Benefits

• High in AHAs, BHAs, & PHAs

• Excellent for gentle exfoliation & resurfacing

• Restores glamorous glow

• Supports 'Root' Chakra

• High in all necessary vital omegas

• Excellent for irritated & blemish-prone skin.

• Strengthens sensitive skin

• Supports 'Sacral' Chakra

• High in oil soluble Vit C, Stabilized with Ferulic Acid & Glutathionine

• Lightening, Brightening Serum

• Lightens Dark & Age Spots

• Supports 'Solar' Chakra

• High in natural sources of Vit A, Stable Vit C, and Retinol alternatives.

• Our most powerful anti-aging serum.

• Reduces wrinkles significantly, brightens, clarifies, protects.

• Supports 'Heart' Chakra

• High in super hydrating ingredients such as antarctica glycoprotein for retaining water

• Extra moisture for dry skin, plumping

• 400x more hydrating than hylauronic acid

• Supports 'Throat' Chakra

• Highly concentrated mushroom blend

• Excellent for collagen production, protection, wrinkle & fine line prevention

• Plumps naturally from within

• Supports 'Third Eye' Chakra

• High in Antioxidants & Phytosterols

• Elegant "all-around" anti-aging oil.

• Scar reduction, extra moisturing for extremely dry skin, lightening & brightening.

• Supports 'Crown' Chakra


Dry, Oily, Healthy


All Skin Types Especially Sun Damaged

All Skin Types

All Skin Types, Extra Dry

All Skin Types

All Skin Types Especially Mature Skin


Light Luxury Oil, Fast Absorbing, Non-comedogenic

Thicker, Medicinal Oil

Light, Fast drying, plant milk serum, non-tacky

Light, Fast drying, plant milk serum, non-tacky

Light, Fast drying, plant milk serum, non-tacky

Light, Fast drying, plant milk serum, non-tacky

Tender & Elegant Oil, Non-comedogenic

Key Ingredients

• Prickly Pear Oil

• Neroli Oil

• Hibiscus Oil

• Baobab Oil

+ More

• Borage Oil

• Tamanu Oil

• Broccoli Seed Oil

• Calendula Oil

+ More

• Vitamin C Ester

• Licorice Extract

• Ferulic Acid

• Glutathionine

+ More

• Buriti Oil

• Camu Camu Extract

• Seabuckthorn Oil

• Stevisse Extract

+ More

• Coconut Water Amino Acids

• Water Retention GlycoProteins from Anarctica

• Polysaccharides for moisture & peptides

+ More

• Shiitake Mushroom

• Snow Mushroom

• Reishi Mushroom

• Mycelia

+ More

• Pomegranate Seed Oil

• Macadamia Nut Oil

• Prickly Pear Oil

• Geranium & Rose

+ More