Glamour & Glow Luxury OilClarify & Strengthen Medicinal Oil'Years in the Sun' Damage Reverse SerumRainforest Retinol Alternative Serum"Seventh Wave" Luxury Ocean Hydration Serum

Planet Energy™ Inspired, Gemstone Infused

Luxury Serums & Oils

Luxurious lightweight treatment serums & oils each with their own planet energy™ theme. Each blend is made with a high concentration of elements from the planet such as the Desert, Ocean, Rainforest, etc. Luxury oils & serums made for restoring glow, radiance, brightening, natural phyto-retinol alternatives, collagen boosters, age suspension, blemish soothing, and so much more!

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Hibiscus "Grounding" Sacred Waters Energy EssenceOrange Lily "Creative Flow" Sacred Waters Energy EssenceYlang Ylang "Confidence" Sacred Waters Energy EssenceGreen Orchid "Heart Opening" Sacred Waters Energy EssenceBlue Lotus "Speak My Truth" Sacred Waters Energy Essence

Frequency Amplified

Sacred Waters Energy Essences

Seven highly charged, frequency amplified sacred water blends. Triple purpose acting as water-in-serum anti-age mists, skin toners & biofield aura energy mists. Structured water is infused with carefully selected gemstones & flowers for weeks and then sound bathed in unique frequencies to support higher vibrations. Special intentions are imprinted on the label to further amplify each mist's powers.

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Sand Mandala - Chakra Tuned Fine Powder Mask - "Rooted"Sand Mandala - Chakra-Tuned Fine Powder Mask - "Creative"Sand Mandala - Chakra Tuned Fine Powder Mask - "Self-Worth"Sand Mandala - Chakra Tuned Fine Powder Mask - "Nurture"Sand Mandala - Chakra Tuned Fine Powder Mask - "Voice"

Chakra Tuned™ Sand Mandala

Luxury Fine Powder Masks

Seven chakra tuned™ lux blends. Each blend is frequency enhanced for an enhanced cermonial mindfulness experience with real energy infusions. Part butter, part serum, part parfume. Decadent age-defying luxury butters each with their own unique high-end fragrance and intentional energy charge to support amplified, intentional skincare. Penetrates all three layers of the skin for deep, lasting moisture. Deeply penetrating luxury butter with a high concentration of anti-aging actives.

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Supernova Deluxe Pressed Moisturizer

Deluxe Pressed

Supernova Moisturizer

Incredibly decadent deluxe moisturizer. Infused with Quartz & Diamond extract, energetically charged to be compatible with each & every one of our other products. This will quickly become your favorite moisturizer.

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