Collagen Serum Made with Mushrooms and Amethyst
Collagen Serum Made with Mushrooms and Amethyst
Collagen Serum Made with Mushrooms and Amethyst

Collagen Serum Made with Mushrooms and Amethyst

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Infused with Amethyst, the Third Eye Chakra Stone

The "Enchanted" serum is a luxurious face mushroom serum, blended with 4 intelligent mushrooms selected for potent collagen growth. Feeding your skin what it needs to synthesize collagen is a far more powerful strategy for growing collagen than taking collagen supplements. Reishi & Shiitake are potent collagen growers and protectors. Mushroom mycelium thickens skin to create less sensitivity and is wonderful for sensitive, blemish-prone skin. This Snow Mushroom serum is 1,000x more moisturizing than Hylauronic Acid and plumps the skin from within.

This luxury face serum is infused with solfeggio frequencies (patent pending) matching the third eye chakra to enhance its energetic properties. "Enchanted" is also infused with amethyst crystal - associated with magical forests, ancient fairy tales, intuition, and is a very common chakra stone used for raising vibrations.

The amethyst is represented by the color purple (sometimes known as purple quartz) which represents the 6th chakra for deeper intuition. Wearing this face serum throughout the day is another wonderful way to help open your third eye.


The planet is intelligent & alive. Science has discovered that the brilliant world of mycelia living beneath forest floors operate like a nervous system & is structured similarly to the human brain.

When we tune in and remember that we are designed with the same intelligence as our forests and other brilliant planet systems, our third eye begins to open, and we can begin to see deeper truths, beyond ordinary perception.

This product is infused with 852 hz, the solfeggio frequency of the 6th chakra (patent pending). This product is also infused with amethyst for holding the sound frequency stable, to continue its effect in raising the frequency of the entire blend. This frequency unblocks the third eye.

  • Clean
  • Organic
  • Harmonic
  • Cruelty Free

Fairytales, Dreams, Magical things

"Wonder is the beginning of wisdom." - Socrates

Symbiotic Relationship
The magic of mushrooms

Did you know? Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson recently said, "We & mushrooms are more genetically alike than either we or mushrooms are to green plants."

Mushrooms have been working with the human body and brain for thousands of years. There are hundreds of benefits from mushrooms on the skin, body, brain, and spirit.

Mushrooms are also being used to treat anxiety, depression, brain fog, residual trauma, and other mental health challenges because of how helpful they can be to the human brain.

purple lavender fields forest trees
Fairytale forest inspired
Encourages us to expand our intuitive powers

It is hard to imagine a fairy tale without an ancient forest setting. Forests inspire us to dream of worlds beyond reality. This is the same energy signature that opens our third eye chakra. A childlike wonder and openness to the world beyond ordinary perception is the key to opening the gift of "third sight".